The Britain of Tomorrow

Posted: 12 Oct 10 | By: NG Team

It’s no secret that changing the world has become fashionable again and that it’s highly trendy to live for a cause in our culture. Every other day new campaigns are launched and promoted in our magazines and on our screens, and everyone from the volunteer at the local charity shop to the celebrity on stage can been seen sporting endorsement t-shirts for some sort of idealistic initiative.

Some see it as a marketing stunt… some sort of sneaky strategy to help gain popularity; especially in politics and the entertainment industry. Whether that’s true or not, I’d like to take the position that having so many people promote things like social justice, sound stewardship and good deeds has to be a good thing, no matter what the motive. Having said that, I don’t believe for a minute that all of our good deed-doing is enough to save the world. It may change it, and it may make it better, but it won’t save it, and it will never save us. The Bible is pretty clear about the fact that there’s only one road to salvation, and that’s through the man that says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”! Only Jesus can rescue us and lift us out of our downward spiral, and only He can secure our future for good.

That’s why we’re so passionate about spreading the message of Jesus here at New Generation, and why we’ve made it our goal to ensure that every young person in this nation has the gospel presented to them relevantly and clearly at least once a year. It’s the reason why we want to see a Christian group praying and reaching out in every single school in Britain.

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