Spotting a New Leader

Posted: 29 Apr 13 | By: NG Team

We’re now approaching the end of the school year, and many of you CU leaders out there are probably finishing your last term and planning the exciting new step of what comes after school. Perhaps you are waiting for replies from the different Universities you’ve applied for, maybe you’re planning your Gap Year or trying to find a job. Much needs to be planned, many problems need to be solved and solutions found.

And to add to the long list of question marks; what happens with the Christian Union? Who takes over the leader role and how do you make sure that it doesn’t die when you leave school? Many of you are probably already a step ahead, and in your school someone has stepped up to the plate. But what do you do if there’s no one there who desperately wants to take on the CU and be the driving force that pushes everyone that extra bit to keep going?

Actually, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. If there’s someone or some people in your CU that have a special skill for organising or like to plan which bible verse to share each week, give them that bit of responsibility and let them try out what it’s like to lead. Maybe you can think of someone in your CU that would be perfect for leading, but that person doesn’t know it themselves — start preparing them now so that it won’t be too big of a step to take on the role of CU leader when you’re gone.

If you’re not sure what to say to the new leader or how to pass the baton on, we’d love to help and make the transition as simple as possible for you. Contact us on our Facebook or via email, and we can come for a “Handover Coffee”, have a chat with you and the new leader, simply talk about what can be good to think about and help you prepare a bit for next year.

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