“Taking Jesus Out”

Posted: 11 May 11 | By: NG Team

My name’s Gabriel and I’m one of the Teamers at New Generation, and just for a moment I want to share my thoughts with you about why I moved from Sweden to England to do a gap year. You see, my greatest passion in life is to see the young Christians in this world taking a step out of their churches, and go beyond just attending services Sunday after Sunday, and hanging out with their youth groups every Friday. My passion is to see them taking steps of faith, taking Jesus with them out into their everyday lives. This is what sets my heart on fire! Seeing young people come together from different churches to pray and to do what they can to lift up the name of Jesus in their schools and colleges is what I’m all about, and it’s also what New Generation is all about. So, as a Teamer at New Generation I can be a part of helping and supporting other young Christians shine their light in their world, and their environment. As outreach-focused Christian Unions are popping up all over the UK, and in many other countries, I pray these young people will make living their faith a lifestyle, and take it with them into the universities and workplaces. When this happens, I believe we’ll see positive change in our society that can lead to a changed nation, a changed Europe, and a changed world!

/Gabriel Hagenfors, North Team


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