Teddy Giving Out Hugs

Posted: 21 Mar 11 | By: NG Team

Free hugs on Valentine’s Day! A couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, we met with a group in Blackpool to introduce ourselves and talk about New Generation. One of the things we did was brainstorm in small groups to come up with as many outreach ideas as possible. One idea we shared to get them going was the ‘hug square’ initiative, where make a square on the floor out of tape and the idea is that when someone stands on or walks over the square, an unsuspecting crowd of people give that person a hug! One of the groups put a rather large twist on that idea and decided that they were going to have someone wear a Teddy Bear costume and give free hugs to people on Valentine’s Day! We weren’t exactly sure if they were serious or not, and there were a lot of other good ideas that the group came up with, but they just couldn’t seem to shake the idea of the giant, hugging teddy bear! Then about a week later we got this email from their schools worker…

“North Team, do you remember this idea from St. George’s CU that you came into with the youth team from Pais Blackpool – A giant teddy giving out hugs! The guys from the CU made it happen! lol 🙂 They also gave out heart shaped notes to the year 7 forms and at least 6 new young people became part of CU because of it! Thanks for taking the time to come and visit us! God Bless you :)”

I just want to encourage everyone that no matter how crazy your ideas may seem, try them out- you never know what could happen! It’s often the crazy, out-of-the-ordinary ideas that spark an interest in people and create a buzz in schools & colleges, so go for it! –Easter’s coming up, Shine your light!

– Daniel van der Spuy, North Team


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