Test of Faith

Posted: 04 May 11 | By: NG Team

The idea behind the Test of Faith project is to use music as a tool to explore the relationship between science and religion, and challenge the common perception that they are in conflict with one another.

Chip Kendall, of thebandwithnoname fame, has a new project he’s running. He’s teamed up with the organisation Test of Faith, as well as DJ Galactus Jack and a real live scientist, and now we’re excited to be in on the partnership. Chip, his DJ and their scientist friend are now able to come to your school for a whole day: performing, speaking and doing lessons.

The idea is to use Chip and his team for a day to give the group a boost and spark some conversation in the school, but also give your group some profile by you being involved in promotion, introducing the team, and by advertising your group meetings as a place for follow up questions. This is a great way to combine the excitement of a big one day event, and the consistency of your group’s regular meetings.

If you want to host Chip and co. for a day then you’ll have to put your fundraising skills to the test, as the whole day will cost around £300-400. If you have any questions or just want to book a date straight away, send an email to For fundraising tips, go to NG+.

  1. Lila | 04 May 11

    I like this site its a master peace ! Glad I detected this on google .

  2. Richard Louis | 04 May 11

    Thanks! We hope you found it useful. Do you have a group in your school?

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