Thai Student Says “Ask Me Why”!

Posted: 19 Oct 12 | By: Daniel van der Spuy

New Generation is an international movement, and recently we heard about a young person taking a Sweden inspired initiative in a school over 8000km away in Bangkok, Thailand.

Maybe some of you have heard of the ‘I’m a Christian, ask me why’ poster campaign? A simple initiative involving posters with a photo of one or more Christians and a simple but bold question, accompanied by contact details so people can get in touch to hear the answer. Well, a year ago, Ben Talbot from Bangkok, Thailand, heard about this initiative and although Ben had never stood up for his faith in school before, he was so inspired that he made his own version of the poster and put it up all over his school.

To make sure he had maximum reach, Ben listed numerous ways that people could get in touch with their questions, including his Facebook profile, BBM pin, mobile number and personal email address! Legendary – and well worth being mentioned as an example of boldness! Furthermore, Ben told us that through this poster process, he has now decided to dedicate his future to evangelism and become an evangelist or something similar. Bam!

The great thing about this story is that not only does taking an initiative in your school impact your peers, but it can totally impact your walk with God and your attitude towards how you approach sharing your faith. Good job Ben!


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