The German Juggernaut

Posted: 08 Apr 11 | By: NG Team

Whilst still young, Amos Koch is a bit of a veteran at New Generation. Having had a group himself in school, he’s now been at NGUK for 3 years. Maybe you’ve bumped into him in your church or school? He’s 22 years old, he’s German, and he leads our North Team based in Manchester. Here’s his story about how he ended up at New Generation.

“When I was in school I caught a real passion for telling my friends about Jesus, but I didnt know how! It seemed so difficult and tricky until I heard about New Generation. Hearing the testimonies from other young people all over Europe who’d been taking Jesus to their schools in creative and loving ways totally sparked a fire in my heart to do the same. I suddenly had great practical ideas for outreaches and the motivation to follow them through. Even though there weren’t any Teamers to support me in Germany, I ran with all the ideas that I got from a NG conference I’d been to. I saw God work in amazing ways through my New Generation group in school and started to realise that schools really are the world’s best mission field (at least that’s what I think!). So I wanted to keep making an impact on schools even after graduating, which is why I decided to team with New Generation. Now I can encourage and help other young people to reach out to their friends and make their schools a better place. It’s a really important ministry, and we really believe we can impact the society of tomorrow by reaching the schools today!”.

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