We’re Christians, Ask Us Why

Posted: 11 Apr 11 | By: NG Team

Recently we heard about a guy in Manchester who tried out a classic New Generation idea. The now world-famous idea all started when a Swedish guy decided to print posters that featured a picture of himself accompanied by the words “I’m a Christian, ask me why!”. After that first poster campaign, the idea’s been adopted and adapted by young people all over the world, and here’s a story about what happened right here in England recently.

“In my youth group I heard about taking a picture of yourselves and putting it on posters around school saying “We’re all Christians, ask us why!”. I thought it’d be a great way to shine my light in school, so I got our picture taken (with nice big cheesy smiles!) and we put the posters around the school. We had tons of people asking why we’re Christians and why we believe in that stuff, and it was just a great opportunity to tell people stories like a load of my friends’ testimonies. It was just an amazing way to speak to people about faith, and now I’ve got a couple of friends who are going to try to come to church… It’s been going great and we’ve just gotta keep praying for them.”

If you’ve got a story about something that happened in your school or just want to get some ideas about what could happen, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

  1. Lovisa | 11 Apr 11

    That’s amazing to hear! 😀

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