What a Start!

Posted: 12 Nov 10 | By: NG Team

Here’s the story from Ella and Antonia, a couple of girls who decided to start a New Generation group recently at The Mix in Bristol. Already after the 1st meeting the group grew from 2 to 7 people!

Ella and Antonia are going to a girls school in central Bristol, and just a few days after they decided to start a group at a youth event called The Mix, the South Team met up with them to help them get started. They shared stories from other groups, gave them practical tips and encouraged them, and just 10 days later Ella and Antonia had their 1st group meeting. 5 other girls came to the meeting, so already after the 1st meeting the group has grown to 7 people! What a start! Also, two teachers in their school are really exited about them setting up the CU and are encouraging them to go forward. They’ve already started to think of doing outreaches in the future, but right now they’re concentrating on promoting the group even more and hoping that this will lead to even more people at the next meeting. Come on!


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