Why I’m Teaming #Jess

Posted: 22 Feb 13 | By: Jessica Smith

There are so many Christian organisations you could do a gap year with in the UK. But the reason I chose to team with New Generation is that it’s unique in two ways.

1. The NG vision- that young people could change the future of our society by impacting the people they see every day by living “Others First” Lifestyles, and sharing the Good News in their schools. It’s so simple, yet amazing!

2. There’s this infectious positivity NG carries, “NG Pep”, as the Swedish team call it. It’s like a special atmosphere that New Generation has, that says “God is with you, you can do anything!”, and they really believe that it’s true.

I love being a part of that. There’s nothing better than when young people start to see themselves the way that God sees them, as young heroes. It’s so energising to get to do a job that is basically encouraging people, travelling and drinking coffee! Sharing testimonies from around the world I can get so excited about what God’s doing, not just here, but in Europe too. When you meet the international teams and hear about the groups they’re supporting, you see how God is on the move and just can’t help but be in awe of how he still chooses the young, the unlikely and the ill-equipped to carry out his plans. I cannot wait for the day that NG achieves its vision of seeing a Christian school-group in every school in Europe! How could you not want to be a part of that?


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