Xaverian’s Going For It!

Posted: 05 Apr 11 | By: NG Team

Read what the group at Xaverian College in Manchester did for Christmas and Valentine’s Day this academic year.

“Basically we did two outreaches: one for Christmas and one for Valentines Day. What we did for Christmas was a whole week of outreach. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday we gave out free drinks in front of the college and said “Merry Christmas” to everyone. On the back of the cups we had Bible verses, and we had the references on there too. In the canteen we had big bottles saying “Is this the verse you got?” with the list of verses, we we thought was pretty cool. Then at lunchtime on Wednesday we did an outreach with music and Christmas food and also did a talk. Some Muslims came along to talk, and we were able to speak about who we are as Christians, what a CU is all about, what we believe and who Jesus is.

A couple of months later, on Valentine’s Day, we gave out free biscuits and post-it notes with Bible verses on them, and challenges… It was a little difficult, because there was a person who copied our post-it notes and wrote a Bible controversial verse from Leviticus taken completely out of context. We actually got into a lot of trouble for it, even though it wasn’t us, and unfortunately someone had taken offence and gotten the wrong impression about us, thinking we hated “sinners” and not just sin.”

As you can see, sometimes outreaches go exactly according to plan, and other times we can face some difficulties and even opposition, which is perfectly natural and can happen to even the most “successful” groups. If you’d had difficulties in your school and would like some advice or support, don’t hesitate to call us or drop us an email. Alternatively, if you’ve a story you’d like to tell about something that went well in your school, college or university, make sure you get in touch too at send an email to us. We love to hear your stories, whether they’re big or small!


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