Supporting New Generation

Help shape tomorrow’s Britain by reaching it’s schools today. We’re a movement of young Christians passionate about seeing Jesus at the centre of British society, starting with school; the one place where the whole society or tomorrow is together today. With hundreds of groups praying and reaching out in schools, colleges and universities across the UK, we’re seeing lives changed, but there are so many more who need help. You can be a part of that by becoming a Supporter, contributing to our work as a Church, or donating to New Generation from your Business.

Give a one off donation on our Just giving page



As a Supporter, you can help us make a difference in our nation’s schools. For just £5 a month, we’re able to resource and support one peer-led NG group or CU with:

• 3 mags a year with inspiration, tips and ideas.
• Access to online resources such as presentations, devotionals and videos.
• Regular school visits from our trained volunteers providing encouragement, support and prayer for the group.

Our dream is to see a Christian presence in every school in Britain and give every young person the chance to hear the Gospel at least once a year. £5 puts us one school closer to that goal.


We’re passionate about seeing young people engaged in local church, and we love to work together with youth leaders, pastors and priests from all different traditions and backgrounds. As a church, there’s a number of ways you can partner with us to make a positive impact on the nation’s schools:

1. Become a Supporter Church and sponsor a number of school groups for £5/month per school.
2. Make a one-off donation to New Generation.
3. Purchase the NG Church Pack including a series of meetings and sessions with our Team and a number of school-oriented resources for you and your youth group.


If you’re in business that is looking for ways to donate to a good cause or contribute regularly to charity, we have a number of options. Here are a few simple ways you can support us and join our mission to make the Christian message available in every British school:

1. Become a Supporter Business and sponsor a number of school groups for £5/month per school.

2. Make a one-off donation to New Generation.
3. Advertise with a banner on the New Generation website or an advertisement in our magazine.
4. Spread the word in your church or network and encourage other businesses to support us too.