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270 Bibles in High Wycombe

Posted: 25 May 12 | By: NG Team

Highcrest Community School, John Hampden Grammar School, St Bernards Catholic School, Sir William Ramsay School and Wycombe High School all joined in together to hand out about 270 bibles in their schools. They received the bibles about a week ago and we have already had some feedback about how God is working in the city.

Jessica, one of the CU leaders wrote this to us. “The chaplain at St Bernard’s School has a confirmation group of students who have just been confirmed as Catholics. Recently she realised that they did not know Jesus personally, and was speaking to them during morning about it! They were all saying that they really wanted Bibles to find out more about who Jesus actually is! However, the chaplain did not know where she was going to source them from! My mum had a youth leader’s meeting with all the youth workers in the area later that day and she met this chaplain, who told her the story, and my mum and her just could not believe it as my mum had the Bibles in her car! We have given them 15 Bibles. God is sooo amazing with his timing! ♥”

How amazing is that! And they are only just getting started!

We’ve been praying that every bible that goes out would have an impact on someone’s life! Good work guys!


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