You and New Generation

So, you like what you see and you want to know how you can get involved. This section and our Support NG section are all about how you can be part of shaping tomorrow’s Britain, whether you’re a young person, a schoolsworker, a youth leader or supportive teacher, friend or family member. No matter where you’re at in life, there’s a way you can be involved.

Start a Group

No CU yet? We’ll help you start.

For New Generation, school is the most important place in the world. A place where we aim to see Christian message of love demonstrated both in word and in action. By starting a New Generation group, you’re making sure there’s an active Christian presence in your school that can contribute to a better school environment.

If you think starting a group sounds difficult, you’re not sure it’ll work in your school or you just don’t know how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll send you a start pack, give you access to online resources and even come to visit your school and help you get started, all completely free of charge. Yep, free of charge. All you need to do is click through and fill in a few details, and we’ll be in touch to help you with the next step. Start today!

Connect Your Church

Youth Leader? Let’s work together.

New Generation is all about helping young people in school to live out their faith through prayer, social action and creative outreach, but when the school day is over, so is New Generation.

We believe that it’s vital for every young person to be engaged in local church, and we’d love to see them bringing their school mates along too.

If you’re a church/youth leader then we’d love to connect with you and talk about how we can work together to help your youth run effective Christian groups in school, and how New Generation can serve you and your church. If you’re interested in finding out more just click the Connect Your Church button, fill in a few basic details and we’ll be in touch!

Become a Member

Want to join the movement?

New Generation has around 20,000 members worldwide, all standing together to make the voice of Christians in schools that bit louder and help make a positive impact on the next generation.

Some of our members are also part of a group, others are in churches that work with us. Some have been Teamers and others are Supporters giving to us financially. Whether you’re in one of these categories or not, we’d love to keep you informed of what we’re doing with regular updates, magazines and exclusive offers. Becoming a member is quick, easy and completely free, so why not show your support and join today?